Who am I?

My name is Ryan Oles. I’m a web developer by day, and work on side projects by night. The focus of these projects are various, but include work with:

  • SDR
  • Ham Radio
  • Electronics
  • Linux
  • P2P
  • InfoSec
  • Synthesizers

WTF is going on here?

electro.pizza is a smiple place to throw notes and updates on the things I’m working on. As I progress in a project I will often forget some of the challenges faced along the way. Hopefully noting details, problems, and process here will help prevent things from slipping from memory, and potentially help others along the way.

Wanna talk about it?

There are no real plans to add a comment section to this site. However, if you have any questions or just want to give me a shout, fritter, mastodon, twitter, or Freenode IRC (rho) are good ways to do that.